‘ART DORKS RISE’ ART DORKS COLLECTIVE: October 4 – November 30, 2013


‘Art Dorks Rise’ is a group show of 30 internationally acclaimed artists exhibiting 30 pieces of original work. The show consists of former members of the Art Dorks Collective along with several new artists who’ve come together to exhibit once again as the collective. The Art Dorks are a group of like minded artists whose work, while individually different, display together with a special cohesion. The artists range from illustrators, painters, sculptors, photographers and fine artists. A nice summary of the collective comes from a piece written by Leah Lehmbeck for New Angeles Monthy which says, “Many of these brave new works, in a paradoxical twist, engage in the most retardataire of genres: portraiture. (Gasp.) The finest pieces include invented creatures, fantastic landscapes, intriguing illustrated tales and innovative techniques. But their most impressive feature is their shared humanity.”

The Art Dorks website was originally created in 2004, which was an art blog with a community forum. From that site sprung the collective. The original community site died around 2006. When it became unaffordable to maintain financially or time wise, the collective lived on for a couple more years which culminated with a final show in 2008.

Original collective members:
Shawn Barber, Mike Burnett, David Chung, Brendan Danielsson, Justin DeGarmo, Mark Elliott, Jad Fair, Joseph Daniel Fiedler, Robert Hardgrave, Gregory Jacobsen, Travis Louie, Chris Mostyn, Heiko Müller, Jason Murphy, Katie Ridley Murphy, Matthew Pasquarello, Anthony Pontius, Meagan Ridley, Chris Ryniak, Kim Scott, and Johnny Yanok.


2013 Featured Artists:

Aeron Alfrey, Dan Barry, John Casey, David Chung, Brendan Danielsson, Justin DeGarmo, Mark Elliott, Jad Fair, Joseph Daniel Fiedler, Charles Glaubitz, Robert Hardgrave, Gregory Hergert, Gregory Jacobsen, Jonnie Jacquet, Colin Johnson, Jason Limon, Jon MacNair, Dan May, Christian Rex van Minnen, Chris Mostyn, Heiko Müller, Jason Murphy, Katie Ridley Murphy, Kristian Olson, Matthew Pasquarello, Anthony Pontius, Meagan Ridley, Kim Scott, Scot Sothern, Scott D. Wilson

Art Dorks cv

2004 – Art Dorks – Ant Farm, Atlanta, GA
2005 – 5×5, Inside – Hope Gallery, New Haven, CT
2005 – Curious Organism – Hope Gallery, New Haven, CT
2006 – Art Dorks SMASH! – Youngblood Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2006 – That New Dork Smell – Toyroom Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2006 – Art Dorks – Gallery 405, Springfield, MO
2007 – Art Dorks Squared – McCaig-Welles Gallery, NYC
2007 – Art Dorks Collective – Thinkspace, Los Angeles
2008 – Art Dorks Four Person Show – Wootini Gallery, Carrboro, NC
2008 – Enjoy It While It Lasts – DVA Gallery, Chicago, IL
2008 – Art Dorks – Perihelion Arts Gallery, Phoenix AZ



Aeron Alfrey

Aeron Alfrey creates unique imagery inspired by the macabre, grotesque and monstrous. His art has been published in numerous books, album covers and shown in galleries around the world.












Anthony Pontius

Anthony currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He has taught extensively at the Des Moines Art Center, the University of Kansas, the Lawrence Arts Center, and The Herron School of Art and Design.His work has been exhibited at many galleries, universities and venues nationally.

“My work examines the importance of the human connection to history. By using past and present techniques of painting and written histories, I invent my own nostalgic experiences and narratives. I examine imagery, stories and concepts from both the past and present and place them in a shared setting. The established conflicts and connections found in this union enable an image that is flexible for many audiences. I implore traditional and contemporary practices of painting and mix these approaches to form new arrangements. I may use classical clarity to represent and to define a specific part of a story, and at the same time use the ambiguity of abstraction to complete the formation of the work. From this, a new myth develops. It is a story that is familiar yet it has not been cultivated by anyone. The combination of specific imagery and less comprehensive moments creates an accommodating proclamation that allows the viewer to share the anxiety and beauty of human involvement with its identity. This approach allows me to represent our alignment with the annals of history. This display of beauty and complexity of the unknown provides a foundation to what we consider the past and present. As with history, these paintings are not clear or concise. They are fluctuating consequences wielded from contribution.”


Brendan Danielsson

Brendan Danielsson was born in the Ozarks in Springfield, MO. He graduated from the Ringling School of Art and Design with a BFA in illustration. He currently lives in Atlanta with his lovely wife, Meagan. In his spare time he likes to paint and draw boobies.












Charles Glaubitz

Charles Glaubitz also known as mrglaubitz is a artist, illustrator, designer from Tijuana Baja California. His work is influenced by unseen things, myth, mysticism, quantum physics, Jack “King” Kirby, Joseph Campbell, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison and Hayao Miyazaki.

Chris Mostyn

A child of the 70’s, a teen of the 80’s, I grew up in a typical western New York suburb with little to do but watch cartoons, ride bikes and play in the woods. I am still doing these things. I have made pictures as far back as I can remember. It was the one thing I was good at. I currently live in Missouri with my wife and two daughters and I teach middle school art. I am always looking, mining the world around me for information I can include in my work.

“Boredom is my greatest motivator. I can’t stand being bored and drawing has always been my one constant cure. My work relies heavily on randomness and chaos. I have changed a lot over the year and have discovered a few things. I have worked for clients for a lot of years where everything had to be sketched and worked out to the last detail before execution. My latest work has evolved from pages in my sketchbooks where entire scenes developed as I let go of the need for conscious control of the subject matter. Letting go, that’s it. Trusting that the things in my head are capable of standing on their own if I would just let them out.”












Christian Rex Van Minnen

Christian Rex van Minnen was born 1980 in Providence RI and grew up in Colorado. He received a BA from Regis University, Denver, in 2002, and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.












Colin Johnson

Colin has been a professional Freelance Illustrator and Gallery Artist since his graduation from The Maryland Institute College of Art in the Spring of 1995. His work has received honors from Print’s Regional Design Annual, The Society of Publication Design, Communication Arts Illustration Annual, American Illustration, and Society of Illustrators Los Angeles from which he received the Gold Award in the Editorial category for the Illustration West 43 contest. Some of his Freelance Illustration clients include: American Airlines, The American Medical Association, Audubon, Better Homes and Gardens, The Chicago Tribune, Converse, Epoch Films, Fast Company, The Harvard Business Review, National Geographic, The New York Times, Newsweek, Raygun, Time Inc., and U.S. News and World Report. He has recently been a part of gallery shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Portland, Hamburg (Germany), and Melbourne (Australia). Colin enjoys collecting art and toys, driving mac trucks, building quonset huts, circumnavigating the globe in his custom made hydrofoil, and is also a huge fan of both music and film. He lives and works in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.


Dan Barry

I grew up on a farm in northeastern Wisconsin.  At a young age I began collecting and surrounding myself with found images and objects.  When I completed my chores, I spent a lot of time making what I considered to be “art”.  At the age of 15, I became an antique dealer.  The money I earned buying and selling antiques allowed me to attend a private high school and small liberal arts college where I studied cultural anthropology and fine art.

I create art objects by collecting, combining, cutting, glueing, scraping, drawing and assembling.  The process of addition and reduction, repeated mark making and obsessive erasing, results in a history of marks, subtle details and layered textural beauty.  Once complete, primary images are encased in a purposefully selected found frame — one that resonates with and supports the emotive feel of the image.  The creation of each art object, from beginning to end, is a purgative and meditative process.  The resulting art objects contain surreal visions and personal narratives, often left purposefully ambiguous.

Over the past several years, my artworks have been exhibited in numerous galleries and Art Fairs across the United States, in Italy, Germany, Spain and Thailand.  I currently live and work in Austin, Texas with my husband Robin and our two Italian Greyhounds, Max & Frankie.









Dan May

Dan May is a fine artist currently living in Cincinnati,  OH. A native of Rochester,  NY,  Dan attended Syracuse University where he achieved a BFA and began to immediately pursue his artistic interests. As a modern narrative painter,  May cultivates a rich textur­e of the surreal and mysterious in his highly original flowing style. His detail-intensive works have become widely recognized for their dreamlike ability to transcend the natural states of space and time – mostly due to his usage of a very finely honed usage of line. May’s propensity for using hair as a metaphor has become a focal point that he has built on to speak about larger aspects of humanity as well as the dream world,  and gives a strong nod to his progressive personal growth and evolution as an artist., Dan has exhibited his paintings to consistently growing interest in the gallery world and is enthusiastically held in high regard by collectors the world over. May spends the majority of his time either in the studio creating new and inspiring paintings,  or with his lovely wife and business manager,  Kendal. His paintings have graced the pages of international publications as Hi Fructose Magazine,  DPI and Communication Arts among others.

“My art is generally layered with emotion, texture, and detail. A large part of my process involves absorbing what I am experiencing at any one given moment in time. My paintings are a way of reflecting on these moments and sharing them with others. We all have emotions… it’s the common thread that connects us all, no matter how different we may seem. The creatures in my paintings are not your typical beasts; they are gentle creatures that often come from a place of deep pain and seem to have “experienced” life… there is, however, always a glimmer of hope.”












David Chung

“Like a sledgehammer to your funny bone, The Chung!! uses his unique brand of off-beat humor to examine the inevitable misfortunes and disappointments that accompany all of our lives and finds a glimmering ray of light therein. His work reminds us to step back, stop taking ourselves so seriously, and use the moment to laugh at our failures, because after all, feeling sorry for ourselves never got anyone anywhere.

David Chung, affectionately known as The Chung!!, lives in Los Angeles yet works out of some dark, strange corner of the human imagination that the rest of us generally knows to stay away from. His artwork, filled with humor and awkwardness, is a sort of catharsis for the moments of humiliation which inevitably stain all of our lives. The Chung!! has shown in galleries all over Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and parts of Europe. He currently works full time during the day as a Background Designer for Nickelodeon and a fine artist by night.”














Gregory Hergert

Gregory Hergert has nine lives and when he signed his art GREG in 2008 it began his 6th and what he considers his global life.A growing world wide group of collectors inspire him to work with themes that transcend language and with great satisfaction he explores the world and seeks every opportunity to cultivate new collectors of the art of GREG.


Gregory Jacobsen

I paint figures, focusing on the little bits that obsess me…a little flab hanging over a waistband, ill-fitting shoes, overbites and exciting flags held in dainty orifices. Over the years this work has developed into piles…meat, junk and fruit constructed into heroic yet pathetic towers spattered with gloppy sauce. The work is absurd, grotesque and a bit brutal but I try to bring the viewer in with lush and glowing surfaces. Essentially the work is about human failure and weakness groomed and developed to be an asset.












Heiko Muller

My art comes from an urge to explore. I like the countryside. I like a good view. And once I’m face to face with a lovely scenery, I feel immediately tempted to find out what it’s concealing. The dark goings-on behind the façade of nature, you might say, or the hidden machinations of the animal kingdom. To imagine and express this, I usually tap the lines linking religious icon art, renaissance painting and comic culture. I am particularly thrilled by the kind of spiritual terror you find expressed in the paintings of the old Flemish masters, and I’m trying to find out what happens when you apply that mood to the serene and harmless world of rural folk art.

I am based in Hamburg, Germany, but my stuff has also been shown in such diverse places as Estonia, New York, Paris, Saint Petersburg, Los Angeles, Seattle and Chicago. When not busy with art or media work, I can usually be found painting pictures with my two little sons.












Jason Limon

Jason Limon is a self taught painter and sculptor who has exhibited artwork in galleries across the U.S. and in parts of Europe. He has had recent solo exhibitions in New York City, Chicago and Albuquerque. Though dark and gloomy at a first glance, Limon’s artwork reject the Western notion of death as something to be feared. Instead, he portrays skulls and bones as part of a regenerative cycle, inspiring hope for a new beginning with bouncy organic forms and characters that seem to harness the powers of nature. Jason lives and works in San Antonio, Texas with his wife and two daughters.












Jason Murphy

Jason Murphy was born and raised in Jackson Mississippi. He graduated with a BFA from Ringling College of Art in 1999, and is currently living and working in Atlanta Georgia.













John Casey

John Casey is obsessed with fictitious human morphology, which he explores in his ink drawings and small sculptures. At first glance, his works seem to portray a menagerie of deformed creatures. A collective analysis reveals this array of oddball creations to be a series of psychological studies — self-portraits of the artist’s inner psyche in all of its multifaceted incarnations. Some sad, some horrific, and some whimsical, these characters evoke responses from laughter and sympathy to disgust and discomfort. While one might call Casey’s work the exorcising of inner demons, his creations inspire more empathy than they do loathing. By depicting the grotesque as pitiable, John Casey illuminates the darkest corners of the mind, seeking redemption for all of us.

“My creatures are called monsters by some, but I often feel that the connotations associated with “monster” don’t always apply to these critters unless one can add descriptors like “vulnerable” and “fragile” to the definition of monster. Maybe I have issue with the monster moniker because I see my critters as self-portraits. Nick Capasso, director of the DeCordova Museum, once referred to my work as ‘little exorcisms’ and I like that description. The idea that I expel my inner demons in the form of drawn, painted, or sculpted critters appeals to me.”

Born on Friday the 13th in Salem, Massachusetts, John Casey has been inventing creatures as soon as he was able to hold a crayon. Drawings that his mother saved from when he was only three years old reveal an obsession with the figure. The figures in these drawings show not only the distorted perceptions of a child, but a fascination with skulls, teeth, spirographic eyes, and invented body parts. This obsession with strange creatures continued throughout his youth. “Monster models, war dioramas, dinosaurs, and horror movies on the T.V. [this included “Creature Double Feature” on Saturday afternoons, of course] occupied much of my time.”

John graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston in 1988 with a BFA in Painting. Recently, John has participated in the Headlands Center for the Arts Affiliate Artist Program in Sausalito, California. Currently he lives in Oakland, California with his lovely wife Mary.












Jon MacNair

Jon MacNair was born in South Korea and grew up in the suburbs of Michigan, where he started drawing at an early age. He attended the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore where he earned a BFA in illustration. These days he resides in beautiful Portland Oregon, dividing his time between freelance projects (mostly packaging and editorial work) and gallery shows. His fine art has been exhibited around the U.S. and abroad in France, Germany, England and Scotland.













Joseph Daniel Fiedler

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and also have lived in Tokyo, New Mexico, Michigan and California.

Since 1973 I have made my living as an artist-illustrator-educator. My work has appeared in numerous publications and exhibitions. My paintings have been shown in over 75 gallery and museum exhibitions throughout the United States, Germany and Japan and are in several private collections. I have received many professional awards and in addition, numerous professional publications and compendiums have also recognized my work.

I have taught painting and illustration at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI, and at a variety of art centers and institutions. I have lectured at conferences, colleges, universities and art centers throughout the United States.












Justin Degarmo













Kim Scott

I was born, educated and raised in Sacramento CA. also known as “CowTown”, “the Big Easychair” and “Sacatomatoe”. People who live here or who move here are said to be under the influence of the old native “curse of the two rivers”. The curse is like a vortex that makes you stay in Sacramento. If you do leave you will have to come back until all of your spiritual work is done. Painting was never dead here. I have made art nonstop from the time I was a little kid, watching TV sci-fi and playing dress up fantasies in thrift store evening gowns. In my 20s I finally figured out how to get out of the country and answer the call to adventure. I have traveled to 22 countries, including setting up studio in India for almost two years. I paint topics relating to my own experiences that focus on impermanence, vanity and the confusions and beauty of everyday life. My paintings are self portraits. I must need to do more spiritual work… I still live in Sacramento.












Kristian Olson

Kristian Olson is an award winning illustrator, designer and fine artist living in Los Angeles, California. His unusual and exuberant style is the product of years of experimentation with both digital and traditional media. The unique, decorative subjects in his work reflect an other-wordly sense of mystery, fascination, fear and delight. Often lurking in the background of his imaginative art are hidden words and stories, coded or obscured from the viewer’s eye, adding to this sense of mystery. And although his artistic influences are wide and varied, much of his inspiration comes from a constant curiosity about the world around him.












Matt Pasquarello 

Matt Pasquarello received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ringling School Of Art and Design, in Sarasota Florida.  He paints in a traditional style of oil on canvas and has exhibited his work worldwide.  Matt currently resides in Safety Harbor, Florida.












Meagan Ridley












Robert Hardgrave

Born in Oxnard, CA, raised in southern AZ, has been a Seattle resident for the past 20 years. He is in the practice of old fashioned drawing and painting. Improvisation is his strength and he enjoys employing “mixed” media whenever he can. Robert has been published in numerous artist survey books and magazines in addition to a monograph of his own work called “Magic Beans”.

Robert’s paintings are meditations on the unpredictability of life. He states, “Despite all the information we are given, I believe much is unknown to us in the moment, with clarity only achieved upon later reflection.” Robert’s working process parallels this belief. There is never an overall plan or formula in his work, allowing the imagery to manifest itself, becoming an exercise in movement and a dedication to discovery. His paintings are about the excitement in each evolving moment in life, be it minute or grand, and savoring it.












Scot Sothern

Scot Sothern spent 40 unsettled years hustling freelance photography. His first solo exhibit, LOWLIFE, was held at the Drkrm Gallery in Los Angeles in 2010. His first book, LOWLIFE, was published in the U.K. by Stanley Barker in 2011. Scot has since been in solo and group shows on both coasts of the U.S. as well as in Ottawa, London, and Basel. The British Journal of Photography called LOWLIFE, “The years’ most controversial photobook.” Scot writes a twice monthly column, with photographs, “Nocturnal Submissions,” for Vice. Curb Service: A Memoir, was published by Soft Skull Press in July 2013. Also, July, 2013, PowerHouse Books released An American Lowlife, Photos & Text.












Scott D. Wilson

I was born in Muskogee Oklahoma in 1967, the miscreant only child of X and Y. I insistently avoided schoolwork and instead began to teach myself how to draw. Insects, animals, and monsters. This was the entirety of my self-tutelage. I work in a wide variety of media and styles, yet a strong continual focus on drawing persists. Obsessions with both comparative anatomy and natural history are constant underlying themes in the majority of my work. I currently live and work in Los Angeles.













October 4 – November 30, 2013

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